[think] Like A Mind Reader: the Definitive Mind Shift Video Course


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Could it really be possible to achieve the impossible without having to rely on willpower, motivation, or discipline?


In fact, I’m unbelievably angry at so-called “motivational speakers” who charge thousands of dollars to rah-rah the crowd, and then leave them feeling motivated with nothing else to show for it. Then, two weeks later, where do you think those people are? Right back to square one, but feeling even worse than they did to begin with!

So, if you’ve been told to:

  • Get motivated
  • Believe in yourself
  • Cheer up
  • Try harder
  • Don’t worry, be happy
  • or any variation of “fake it ’til you make it,” 

then we need to talk.

Ever wondered why you never see your successful friends sharing motivational sunset pictures on Facebook?

They’re too busy getting shit done. Motivation simply doesn’t work. To succeed, you need to completely change the way you think.

Here’s how thinking like a mind reader works. . .

When you have a problem, you don’t focus on the issue; you realize it’s a symptom of something deeper and fix that.

You realize that you may not be able to control everything that happens to you, but you start to identify the areas you can change, and focus all your energy on that.

Eventually understand that how you think about your problems, your capability to solve them, and the quality of your life is the direct result of the quality of your thinking.

Develop a systematic approach to finding solutions, so you’re no longer stuck in the trap of keeping the same comfortable problems for years on end. You learn to transition out of the victim identity and start taking ownership for your own success.



It’s a lifetime membership to a small group of people who are dedicated to making the most out of life, and a series of videos that cover a variety of ideas, concepts, and strategies that are based on rock-solid neuroscience research that’s supported by thousands of years’ worth of experience from the world’s best and brightest.

These are exactly the same techniques and approaches I used to go from growing up in a single wide trailer on a dirt road in a small town in the middle of nowhere to traveling the world, working with the best in my industry, and being a respected consultant and innovator.


If you only watch it, but never put any of it into practice, you’ll never get anything different. But I cover how to avoid that trap in the videos.

There’s zero need for willpower. No motivation. No floundering around trying to figure shit out. It’s all done for you. I explain very clearly how to get massive change in your life, and make it stick.


Absolutely not. This is for anyone who is discourage and tired of being stuck in the “try/fail” cycle. These are powerful concepts that have been used by the most successful people since the dawn of time.

Human psychology hasn’t changed in 100,000 years, but our understanding of it has. Know better; do better.


My name is Jonathan Pritchard, and I’ve traveled the world as a mentalist. Since the day I graduated college I started a career as a performer, consultant, and speaker. The best in the business have tapped me to share my thoughts on TV projects, books, and more. My network reads like a who’s who of multiple industries ranging from investment banking, leadership development, and more.

I realized all the years of research and experience I’ve had could help others build the life they want instead of keeping the lessons for myself. Now, I want to share my insights to help as many people break free of their limited thinking as I possibly can. The more people who think like a mind reader in the world, the better the world is for everyone.


First of all, that isn’t a question.

Second of all, I’ve condensed a ton of material into its most potent form. There’s no useless filler, worksheets, homework, or bullshit. Just the pure, unadulterated knowledge you can immediately put into practice.

These are all the ideas all my consulting clients start with, so it’s the same as sitting down with me for an hour or two, and having your mind blown apart, and put back together.


Sure thing.


The longer you think about it, the more time you’re spending not doing the right thing; investing in yourself.

I want this!
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[think] Like A Mind Reader: the Definitive Mind Shift Video Course

I want this!